LOBO Is Getting His Own Series On SYFY


He has not even made his official televisiom debut and he already is leaving his mark. LOBO will be getting his own spinoff series on SYFY. Syfy and Warner Horizon Scripted Television confirm they are developing Lobo, a live-action screen version of the intergalactic rogue who

A DC Comics fan-favorite, Lobo is an intergalatic foul mouthed bounty hunter. He is the last of his race after having slaughtered the rest of them. He’s a genius strategist, has superhuman strength, and is basically immortal. Plus, he abides by his own very strict moral code that he follows in his own unique way.

In the Superman prequel KRYPTON, the bounty hunter is played by Emmitt J Scanlan.




TITANS Season 2 Has Its Mercy Graves In Natalie Gumede


Even as production on season two of TITANS on the DC Universe is well underway we are still getting new and exciting casting news. Mercy Graves is coming to the superhero show and she will be played by DOCTOR WHO alum, Natalie Gumede. Graves is known as the formidable bodyguard and ruthless righthand to evil genius and megalomaniac, Lex Luthor.

The news which was first broken by Deadline says that Gumede is best known for her portrayal of Ashley in the Doctor Who Christmas Special in 2014 and more recently the 10-part Jekyll & Hyde series on ITV as the head of the criminal underworld in 1930s London.

The official character bio from the show’s producers: “Mercy Graves is the ruthless, cunning, right hand and bodyguard to the notorious Lex Luthor – serving her boss with unquestioned loyalty. Her connection to the Luthors runs deep, as Mercy has been a friend of the family and in Lex’s life since they were young.”

The characater of Mercy Graves was also seen on this recents episode of SUPERGIRL on the CW by Rhona Mitra. Now its wondering who will possibly be portraying Lex Luthor.

What are your thoughts and who do you hope to see as Lex in the series?



The BLACK ADAM film is getting more traction as Variety is reporting that JUNGLE CRUISE director Jaume Collet-Serra is in negotiations to direct Johnson’s first romp into the superhero world.

BLACK ADAM became a priority after the success of SHAZAM! New Line Cinema originally wanted to introduce the character in the first SHAZAM! movie but the producing team quickly made the conscious effort to separate the two characters with a “Black Adam” solo pic. There is also rumor of Black Adam being involved in THE SUICIDE SQUAD.


UPDATE on SWAMP THING Cancellation


It was just recently reported that SWAMP THING had been cancelled by the DC Universe streaming app after just one week on the platform. Well now there is becoming a more clear reason as for the cancellation.

It initially had been reported that the reason for the cancellation was that Warner Media was not a fan of the direction show. That now seems to not be the case, Movies.com writer John Gholson reports North Carolina promised WarnerMedia a $40 million tax rebate that ended up getting diminished because of a paperwork error. The $40 million would have covered have of the show’s first season budget which was estimated at $80million.

This accounting error is also the reason in which the episode load was reduced from 13 to 10 episodes for the inaugural season. Once WarnerMedia discovered the error they shut down production since the studio would be paying more for the series than it originally thought.

North Carolina’s adjusted tax break is currently sitting at $13 so it does not make financial sense for WarnerMedia to continue on with the production of SWAMP THING, The Star News Online reported on the North Carolina accounting error back in April then subsequently followed it up with another article that cited exactly how much could the state commit to filming.

These have been very disappointing developments as displeasure of the episode load reduction was initially expressed by fans and cast member Virginia Madsen and now to know that it is done entirely hits even harder.

SWAMP THING Cancelled By The DC Universe


After only airing one episode of the DC Universe streaming platform, SWAMP THING has been cancelled by the streamer.

The potential reason for the cancellation is that the DC Universe is being reevaluated following the completion of AT&T acquisition of Time Warner as WarnerMedia has put an emphasis on the launch of a new streaming platform. With that reevaluation there have been questions how DC Universe fits into those plans.

Swamp Thing was the third live-action series to launch on DC Universe, following Titans, which has been renewed for a second season, and Doom Patrol, which is awaiting word. Upcoming on the service is new drama series Stargirl.

Written by Mark Verheiden and It co-writer Gary Dauberman, Swamp Thing centered on CDC researcher Abby Arcane. When she returns to her childhood home of Marais, Louisiana, in order to investigate a deadly swamp-borne virus, she develops a surprising bond with scientist Alec Holland — only to have him tragically taken from her. But as powerful forces descend on Houma, intent on exploiting the swamp’s mysterious properties for their own purposes, Abby will discover that the swamp holds mystical secrets, both horrifying and wondrous — and the potential love of her life may not be dead after all.

What do you think about this news?

FANTASTIC FOUR May Arrive In The MCU Sooner Than We Expected


It seems as if Marvel’s first family will be making their arrival into the MCU sooner than thought by many.  Rumor is circulating that the Fantastic Four will make their MCU feature film arrival in 2022.

That’s only three years away which means this has had the wheels in motion for some time leading up to the closing on the Disney acquisition of Fox. The rumor comes courtesy of the GWW, which states that Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige are planning to put the first family back on the big screen in 2022. Which would be the latest shot at after two movies from Tim Story, and the lets just say OTHER version directed by Josh Trank.

The report from the GWW mentions that Ant-Man and the Wasp director Peyton Reed is pitching his own concept for the characters, which we’ve known for a while now because Reed has never been shy about his love for the characters. The biggest part in the story is the timeline which comes as the shock.

In case you were curious as to how Reed would introduce the heroes, Reed spoke at a COLLIDER Q&A of Ant-Man and the Wasp and broke down his idea for the group,

“I developed it for about a year and we went through some different permutations and some different writers, but yes, one of the big ideas was a set-in-the-’60s thing that at the time was structurally gonna be basically like [The Beatles’ 1964 comedy-musical] A Hard Day’s Night, where we were not going to even deal with the origin story,” Reed said.

“It was just going to be like you’re in Downtown Manhattan and they’re there. It was a pretty exciting idea. At the time — again this was 2002 or ’03 — early on, way pre-MCU, I felt like Fox was not gonna make it.”

Hopefully we will get some sort of confirmation on this at this year’s San Diego Comic Con from Marvel.


Elizabeth Hurley Is Bewitching Her Way Into MARVEL’S RUNAWAYS On HULU

Elizabeth Hurley  is bringing some ROYAL, BEWITCHING dark magic to Marvel’s Runaways on Hulu in the Season 3 as Morgan Le Fey, a sorceress with considerable history and even greater power.

The character description being given by the Runaways producers: “Morgan le Fay is an iconic Marvel villain. A student of Merlin, she is considered the greatest sorceress of all time. With a black crow as her familiar and the ability to enchant objects, manipulate mystic energy and astral project, she is powerful and intelligent with a cutthroat wit.”

With magic being a major part of the series the group of teens seem to now have twice as much to battle with.

Hurley played the royal of Queen Helena on The Royals (2015-2018) and  next year she will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of BEWITCHED that she co-starred with DOOM PATROL’s Brendan Fraser as the Devil.